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AnalyticsWeek Pulse - March 2015
Thank you for taking the time to complete this AnaltyicsWeek Pulse.

We will be conducting short surveys of our AnalyticsWeek community on a regular basis. We call these surveys AnalyticsWeek Pulse; the survey takes less one minute to complete. Each Pulse will contain less than 8 questions, addressing a specific area regarding the analytics landscape. We gather information in our Pulse for three reasons.
  1. Improve our Service: We want to ensure the service we deliver is the service our community needs. Your feedback will help us understand our member perceptions about Big Data, data science and analytics.
  2. Conduct Research: We conduct research to help identify best practices in analytics. Using your response, we will help understand how companies can improve the value of their analytics.
  3. Educate our Community: We like to share knowledge with our members. We will be reporting the survey results back to our community on a regular basis (e.g., monthly newsletter, blog posts). Rather than only reporting results internally, we feel it's important to report our insight to our community members to help them understand the industry landscape that they shape. We report aggregated results.
Your responses will remain confidential. We will not share your individual information with anyone, ever without your consent.

AnalyticsWeek Pulse surveys will be a regular feature for our newsletter subscribers. To subscribe to the AnalyticsWeek newsletter mailing list, click here.

We hope you become a regular participant in Pulse. Your involvement will help us deliver better service, uncover data science best practices and provide deeper industry knowledge.

Bob E. Hayes, PhD
Chief Research Officer

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